Welcome to Whitlocks Vineyard


We are a small boutique vineyard situated in Central Victoria, Australia. Our vineyard is, nestled amongst the granite outcrops, overlooking beautiful Lake Cairn Curran to the north, and  a magnificent view of Mount Tarrengower to the east. Our hardy Shiraz vines, were planted about 25 years ago, extending their roots deep into the granitic sand below. We tend our vines and hand pick our grapes between February and April depending on the season.

Our wine maker Cameron Leith, if we do say so ourselves, produces a beautiful, elegant, cool climate European Style Syrah. Our wines are made in a  traditional simple style allowing the characteristics of our precious shiraz grapes to shine including the subtle spice the granitic sands add. Our wines are slightly different each year due to both  seasonal variations and subtle changes to the wine making process chosen to best do justice to the grapes harvested each year.

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    Whitlocks Rd,
    (PO Box 467),
    Maldon VIC 3463
    T: 0439 031 075
    Email: emily@whitlocksvineyard.com.au